First Presbyterian Church

Caravan Photo Gallery

SIFAT Tour 2011

(L - R) Raymond Pitts, Debbie Pitts, Wallis Elliott, Frank Hubbard, and Joe Chastain at the main office of SIFAT near Lineville, Alabama

Garrett was our guide during the SIFAT tour.

FPC visitors at the beautiful amphitheater above the creek

The "Global Village" area of SIFAT shows that indigenous people often live in very crude and basic housing

A stove where meals are prepared in one of the huts

A typical house in the Philippines built from bamboo

A Nepalese dwelling

This mud hut would be considered fine housing in some parts of the world

A typical Liberian home

SIFAT teaches how to build smokeless cooking ovens

At the right lower corner of this photo is a raised mud platform used for a sleeping area

A metal igloo is used for worship - there are no chairs, only a carpeted floor

SIFAT teaches water purification using sand and friendly bacteria

SIFAT Stairs - The lodge at SIFAT where groups of students can sleep

(L - R) Bailey, Becky, and Laura are interns that spend three months at SIFAT to learn about and participate in the ongoing mission work

SIFAT Cafeteria - SIFAT serves hearty meals for the students and visitors

SIFAT Students - Students introduce themselves to the visitors in the cafeteria

SIFAT Farming - Sustainable and environmentally friendly farming methods are taught

SIFAT Rockhouse - A typical Ecuadorian home

SIFAT Store - Frank Hubbard, Joe Chastain and Wallis Elliott at the SIFAT shop where useful and colorful products made all over the world may be purchased